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Back and Knee Decompression in Memphis

Group of friendsIf your knee or back pain has limited your ability to participate in all the activities in life you enjoy, we at JNT Natural Medicine Regenerative and Pain Center are pleased to let you know about back and knee decompression with Back on Trac.

This premier and noninvasive therapy features 21 treatment options and helps to improve flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

How Does It Work?

Back on Trac gently stretches the spine, joints and muscles in the back, neck, hips and thighs. Patient-friendly, the equipment doesn’t have any cumbersome restraints or belts.

You’ll feel completely at ease and safe during your treatment which begins in a comfortable, seated position. Back on Trac offers safe, effective stretching of the thoracic and lumbar spine in conjunction with therapeutic exercise.

Find the Relief You Need

If you are suffering from the following, Back on Trac can help you feel better:

  • Bulging disc
  • Low back pain
  • Muscle spasms and strains
  • Numbness or soreness in your back
  • Pain in your back, hips or thighs
  • Stiffness in your neck

Get Great Results Quickly

Back decompression with Back on Trac only takes about 20 minutes. Even if you have chronic back pain, you can feel great after spending just 10 – 20 minutes on the equipment, which includes vibration and heat therapy.

Help for Knee Conditions

Back on Trac for knees features five different protocols. The therapy can reduce pain from injury or arthritis after just one short 5-7 minute session. You can enjoy a greater range of motion and improved knee function.

If you’d like to experience relief from back and knee pain without invasive and potentially risky surgery, we want to help you. Contact the practice today to schedule an appointment!

Don’t delay. Relieve your pain with Back and Knee Decompression in Memphis.