Got Chronic Back Pain? Learn How Our Computerized SIGMA Instrument Adjustments Can Help

Is your back killing you? Are you sick of making a trip to the chiropractor only to be twisted and cracked? Sigma instruments may be the treatment you need to get rid of the pain for good with no painful manipulations. Dr. Alan James and the team at JNT Natural Medicine are experts in the revolutionary technology: Sigma adjustment instruments. 

What is a Sigma instrument?

Sigma instruments are a revolutionary advancement in chiropractic care that electronically resets your spine and nerves in your body. Sigma instruments offer a pain-free and immediate (a typical treatment lasts less than 10 minutes) treatment that replaces the traditional cracking and manual adjusting.

How does a Sigma instrument work?

The Sigma instrument uses very gentle pulses to stimulate the neural pathways in your body. In doing so, it breaks down adhesions and fixations in the tissues and ligaments, resets the fibers in your muscles, and effectively breaks the cycle of pain you’re used to. 

In addition to the physical manipulations, Sigma instruments also relay back necessary information and measurements about your condition, including:

All these data are important to Dr. James as it lets our team know how to proceed with your care. 

This extremely fast and virtually painless procedure is FDA approved and quickly becoming widely used throughout the medical community. Sigma’s advanced technology gives Dr. James information about your condition before, during, and after treatment, making your care even more personalized. 

Who can receive Sigma adjustments?

Sigma instruments are useful for many ailments. From neck pain to carpal tunnel syndrome to chronic back pain, Sigma instruments can treat the pain. For those of you who are suffering from chronic back pain, Sigma instruments are extremely effective. Say goodbye to the traditional manipulations from a chiropractor, and hello to the quick and gentle pulsing from a Sigma instrument. 

Back pain, especially chronic back pain, can be some of the most frustrating and debilitating of all. While there are many treatment options available, more and more patients are opting for computerized treatment from a Sigma adjustment instrument. Dr. James and our team at JNT Natural Medicine are ready to discuss your back pain and whether or not you’re a candidate for a Sigma adjustment. Call today or make an appointment online.

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