How All-Natural Regenerative Medicine Therapies Are Revolutionizing Pain Management

Dr. Alan James at JNT Natural Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee, has a better solution to your chronic pain — regenerative thera

Pain is tricky. Depending on what’s causing it, you may need surgery to solve it. But surgery inflicts more pain, which seems counterintuitive. Surgery also introduces other risks, such as anesthesia, infection, and scarring.

Medications may help calm your pain temporarily, but they don’t address the cause; they only mask the symptoms for a while. They, too, come with downsides, such as side effects, interactions with other medications, and possible addiction. 

Dr. Alan James at JNT Natural Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee, has a better solution to your chronic pain — regenerative therapy with stem cells. This all-natural approach has transformed the field of pain treatment and, in many cases, replaced the traditional methods of surgery and drugs. With innovative stem cell technology, Dr. James can help you overcome your chronic pain once and for all.

Stems cells defined

To understand regenerative medicine, you must first understand stem cells. Think of stem cells as your body’s raw material or the mother cells of all of your other cells. Stem cells can become specialized cells like those found in your brain, blood, bone, muscle, or tendon tissues. 

When stem cells are introduced to a certain area in your body, they transform into the type of cells you need and begin to replicate and multiply.

Where do stem cells come from?

Stem cells are the first cells on the scene when a human egg is fertilized and becomes an embryo. As early as 3 days old, the beginning of human life forms from these basic building blocks. 

Stem cells are incredibly versatile and can self-generate into more stem cells or differentiate and become other types of cells in your body. However, embryonic stem cells are controversial because they require the use of a human embryo. 

Another source of stem cells is from the umbilical cord of a fully developed and delivered baby. This causes no harm to the baby or the mother and is extracted with full consent. This is the type of stem cell Dr. James uses.

Adults also carry a small amount of stem cells in their bone marrow and fat stores. In some cases, patients can even be their own donor.

Understanding regenerative medicine therapy with stem cells

If you’re suffering from arthritis, joint pain, chronic inflammation, certain spinal issues, and some degenerative diseases, you may be able to benefit from regenerative medicine with stem cells. Here’s how it works.

Dr. James numbs the area for treatment first so you remain completely comfortable during the procedure. Then, he injects the solution containing the stem cells directly into your joint or injury. That’s it. You’re in and out of the office quickly.

Within the next four weeks or so, the stem cells do their work. Here’s what happens in your body:

With regenerative stem cell therapy, you can expect:

If you’re suffering from long-term pain, you may be a good candidate for regenerative medicine therapies with stem cells. Dr. James can evaluate your condition and help you determine the best treatment path. Call us today at 901-821-0945 to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment using our convenient online form.

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