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Neurofeedback is a way to manage chronic pain and resolve the symptoms you experience, without medications. With the help of Alan James, DC, and his team at JNT Natural Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee, you can get started on a personalized neurofeedback treatment plan and restore your quality of life. This innovative treatment can stabilize your brainwaves, as well as your bodily functions, which research suggests can improve your brain function and eliminate symptoms over time. Find out how neurofeedback can benefit you by booking an exam online or by calling to speak with a team member directly.

Neurofeedback Q & A

What is the neurofeedback process?

Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge technology designed to help your brain work more efficiently. Your treatment plan begins with running a brain map and recording images of your brain. This process involves recording your brainwaves. For the first six minutes you keep your eyes open, then for the following six minutes, you close your eyes.

Once your brain map is complete, your electroencephalogram (EEG) results can be inputted into a database to compare to similar individuals. By doing this, your practitioner can identify abnormal brainwave patterns to better pinpoint your pain issues.

The next step involves personalizing your neurofeedback treatment plan. During your neurofeedback training sessions, you simply sit back and relax — you can even listen to your favorite playlist — while wearing specialized photic light glasses. 

Throughout your treatment, the specialized computer monitors your brainwaves and sends gentle signals to push your brainwaves into healthier patterns. Over time, your brain becomes retrained, so it can function more efficiently. 

What are the benefits of neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback from JNT Natural Medicine is a revolutionary way to help enhance your bodily functions and help you achieve optimal health. Your neurofeedback treatment plan can dramatically decrease chronic pain issues. This innovative treatment is beneficial because it:

  • Is relaxing
  • Is entirely noninvasive
  • Doesn’t require drugs or radiation

Your provider can even get you set up with a home Clear Mind Focus™ unit, which is a portable system to help you continue your brain training in the comfort of your own home. 

When will I experience results from neurofeedback?

Your neurofeedback treatment plan from JNT Natural Medicine is entirely tailored to you and the results of your brain map. Dr. James usually recommends one to three sessions per week, each lasting about 20-40 minutes.

You’re likely going to need neurofeedback treatments for several weeks, depending on how well you progress. But the results from neurofeedback treatments from JNT Natural Medicine are typically permanent, so you shouldn’t need further neurofeedback treatment in the future. 

Book your pain management neurofeedback evaluation at JNT Natural Medicine directly through the website. You can also call to speak with a team member to schedule a visit.