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Sigma Instruments in Memphis

Adjusting with Effective, Cutting-Edge Technology


The first pulses (red) show high levels of tension. When tension is reduced (green) we see less stress and stiffness and more health and wellness.

Dr. James is proud to feature a straightforward approach to chiropractic adjusting through the use of the cutting-edge technology of Sigma Instruments. This approach is not only scientifically accurate, but it’s gentle and effective!

How Does the Sigma Instrument Work?

The instrument is specially designed to let us know what’s going on in your spine at this very moment. It’s what we call real-time measurement. The device is computer-assisted with ultrasound technology contained in the head.

Whenever you’re evaluated on a regular visit, we’ll check each vertebra in your spine with the instrument, which will make an electronic “recording” of the status. You’ll hear that recording as a “click.” That status will let us know if the vertebra needs to be adjusted on that day. If so, the adjustment will consist of extremely fast percussive impulses to the area, which you’ll experience as a gentle tapping on your back.

A great advantage? You’ll never feel sore or uncomfortable after an adjustment!

How Can Something so Gentle Be so Effective?

Here’s a good analogy to help you understand: If a big guy came up to you and gave you a good shove, you’d take two steps back — because he generated force. If someone put a tiny bullet into a gun and shot you, you’d take the same two steps back — but this time it would be due to speed.

The Sigma Instrument taps so rapidly on such a small contact point that it takes very little force to safely get the result you desire. It also eliminates the fear of snapping, cracking, twisting or popping of the joints.

Our patients love it. Get started today.

Let us help you feel better with our state-of-the-art technology!


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